Welcome to SuperEval

We are thrilled to add your district to the growing list of SuperEval partners!

To get your district started, please download and fill in the SuperEval User Information spreadsheet by clicking the button below. There are instructions and example tabs, as well as pop-up notes to help you along.

Once you have downloaded and completed the user information spreadsheet, please complete the fields under New User Registration on the right of this page, upload your completed spreadsheet using the Choose File button, and click SUBMIT.

We look forward to working with you and your district. Thank you for your business and support of SuperEval!

SuperEval New User Information Tips

  • Include the evaluator’s name for each evaluatee.
  • The district clerk or executive assistant can be designated as users in the account at no extra charge.
    • The District Clerk role has oversight of the evaluations and can reset user passwords, update individual account information, and impersonate users to work on their behalf.
    • The Executive Assistant role allows for the superintendent to have an extra individual helping them complete their evaluation.
  • The Trusted Agent role is provided to the individual who leads the board in the evaluation process. Typically, the school board president is designated as the Trusted Agent. Please note if you would like a different person, such as the vice president, to have the Trusted Agent role

  • With our growing library of available rubrics, the choice of instrument is yours for each evaluation. Visit SuperEval.com/rubrics to help you select your rubrics. If you need help, please let us know!
  • List a rubric for each person being evaluated.
  • Please note a royalty fee applies for use of
    • McREL’s Superintendent Evaluation System
    • McREL’s Central Office Staff Evaluation System
    • McREL’s Principal Evaluation System
    • Multidimensional Principal Performance Rubric (MPPR)
    • Multidimensional Leadership Performance Rubric (MLPR)

  • Choose how users are notified of their account credentials.
    • Welcome emails sent to each user. If no date is provided, they will be sent upon account creation.
    • Login credentials sent to one designated person to disseminate to users at the superintendent’s discretion.

  • Onboarding takes approximately 30 minutes via Zoom. Our team member will share their screen, walk you through the platform, and answer any questions.
  • The first onboarding session is typically held with the superintendent and executive assistant/district clerk.
  • A second, separate session can be scheduled with the school board after the superintendent completes self-assessment (typically in the spring) and prior to the board conducting their evaluation of the superintendent.
  • Contact us when you are ready to schedule the superintendent’s session.

  • Visit the SuperEval Help Center or call 1-844-312-3825. Help resources are also available within SuperEval.