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Update to Evaluation Competencies & Weights/Ranges (Step 1) 

March 19th, 2024

An exciting update has been made to SuperEval, bringing improved oversight and clarity to the evaluations! This modification applies to all employee evaluations by a supervisor, excluding Superintendent evaluations. When used, this feature aims to allow for greater evaluation consistency across a district. 

To create the best possible evaluation experience, the Evaluator may now manage the Select Competencies and Weights & Ranges sections of Step 1. These sections will no longer be managed by the Evaluatee.

For Evaluators to adjust these sections, the evaluation must be in Step 1. If Evaluatees have already moved past Step 1, Evaluators can move the evaluation back to Step 1 by clicking the blue upward pointing arrow button to the right of the current step.

If the arrow button is not present, users can reach out to  to have the evaluation moved back to Step 1.

Once the Evaluator has finished adjusting Competencies and/or Weights & Ranges, and the Evaluatee has finished setting goals, the Evaluatee will need to mark Step 1 complete to move the evaluation forward. 

The ability to set selected competencies across an entire organization is part of our future development roadmap.  

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