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Required Feedback Update

December 2nd, 2021

Based on feedback from our SuperEval users, the SuperEval Team is pleased to announce your voices have been heard yet again! We have developed and implemented a significant change to the evaluation platform regarding the required feedback from an evaluator or evaluators.

In the past, the evaluator(s) was/were required to provide feedback for each of the professional practices identified by the evaluation rubric. Additionally, a feedback comment was required for each of the identified annual goals. Feedback for each of these areas were needed to achieve a 100% completion for the evaluation.

Many evaluators found this both difficult and time-consuming task to complete an evaluation.  Others noted they were duplicating feedback in different sections. Those reluctant to copy and paste the same comments, found it to be an arduous creative writing assignment to invent new ways to say the same thing.

As a result, we are no longer requiring individual feedback comments from each evaluator on every professional practice and goal for 100% completion. If you still wish to use that approach, you have the option to provide feedback comments for each section. The new approach only requires feedback at the Domain or Standard-level. In most evaluations, there might be four to six domains requiring four to six comments from the evaluator.

However, if the evaluator rates the evaluatee with a low rating, then a feedback comment is required. The team felt if the expectation was not clearly met then feedback was needed for clarity of the expectation. This allows the individual being evaluated to have a clear understanding of both the expectation and how to meet that expectation in the future.

As a team, we have always wanted our evaluation process and platform to support your efforts with quality evaluations. We are dedicated to efficiencies, saving time, and using automation to make it an easy and intuitive user experience. All these elements result in better evaluations that are objective, fair, reliable, and evidence-based leading to quality conversations and healthy leadership teams.

We believe these changes will further make this evaluation process more efficient and effective for all involved in educational leadership evaluations.  If you have any questions or would like additional clarifications, please contact us via phone 1-844-312-3825 or email

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