Superintendent, Principal, and School
Administrator Evaluations — All in one place!

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SuperEval saves you and your school board time (and the ink in your pen).

SuperEval promotes healthy, efficient leadership teams by creating a collaborative environment for principals, superintendents, administrators, and school boards to advance school goals through a reflective and evidence-based evaluation process.

SuperEval Transforms Leadership Teams, but it’s so much more…
SuperEval is the only online school leadership evaluation tool that offers:

  • Free unlimited storage for all of your attachments and supporting documents
  • Drag-and-drop technology for any type of attachment
  • Auto-generated legal forms, including 82-2 forms for principal evaluations
  • Superintendent, Principal, and Administrator evaluations in a single system

SuperEval follows the Pennsylvania Department of Education Framework for Leadership rubric.

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“Teachers have been able to complete the evaluation process using various software tools but this is the first instrument tailored specifically for principals and superintendents. This time-saving software will assist administrators in completing their evaluation process online and includes everything from goal setting to the completion of the mandated PDE evaluation form.”

-- Dr. Paul Healey, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Principals’ Association