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Dr. Christopher Dormer 4

July 8th, 2022

“One, it is a user friendly, streamlined process that will all but guarantee that the superintendent’s evaluation will get done on time. And I know speaking from colleagues that is a challenge every single year. Board members ihave a contractual obligation to make sure the superintendent annually and legally is evaluated and that information is posted on the website. And I think SuperEval does it in a way that is again, it is user friendly and it is data rich for the process. The second one, again, for superintendents that may feel their board is not telling them what the expectations are or what it is. This process 100% we’ll say forces the conversation. Even though you’re not sitting down with all nine board members one-on-one, but it forces them to sit there and say, how is my superintendent doing with communication, strategic leadership, financial this, staffing, cultural proficiency and whatever those agreed upon performance measures are because of the way that each board member has to respond. Not only will with a category rating, but that that integral feedback, that justification for that. I would a hundred percent compliment SuperEval, Your entire team is the customer service was outstanding”

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