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North Dakota School Board Association Evaluation Framework Now Available in SuperEval

July 18th, 2022

The SuperEval Team is pleased to announce that a new school board self-evaluation instrument from the North Dakota School Board Association (NDSBA) is now available in SuperEval. This framework of […]

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Six Universal Best Practices of Highly Effective School Boards

January 10th, 2021

School boards across the country are faced with extraordinary challenges. As the world continues to battle the coronavirus, even the most cohesive school boards must ensure that they are collaborating […]

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The School Board Self-Evaluation: Why, What, and How?

March 13th, 2020

School boards are critical components of successful districts. By bringing together different voices and opinions from those who play unique but equally vital roles within the school community, school leaders […]

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Your School Board’s Role in Creating the Conditions Needed for Student Achievement

April 16th, 2019

The National School Boards Association states that the fundamental role of school boards is “to work with their communities to improve student achievement in their local public schools.” This role […]

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