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Platform Updates: Evaluation Data, Data Consolidation, and More

October 25th, 2021

SuperEval is pleased to share the following updates have been made to the platform.

1. Show evaluator’s previous evaluation data

Evaluators now have quick access to see their previous year’s evaluation feedback and rating. This continues our team’s efforts by connecting previous year’s evaluations to the current year to use as a reference.

In the data view of the consolidated evaluation, new features allow for SuperEval users to see their highest rated professional practices (strengths) and lowest rated professional practices (areas for growth). 

Additionally, when there are multiple evaluators, like a school board, a new view will allow for the viewing of individual ratings. These different views are intended to increase transparency and generate more details from the evaluation to drive meaningful conversations.

3. Added competency preview links (dialog) to consolidated review table

From the consolidated data view, SuperEval users can easily access the reflections and feedback details on a specific competency or professional practice. This allows for easier access to additional information without having to navigate to other pages.

4. Send survey email to evaluate on signature; show evaluator survey dialog on signature

At the conclusion of an evaluation cycle, a survey is sent via email. The intention of this brief survey is to collect feedback from our users.


If you have questions or comments pertaining to these updates, please reach out to Michael Horning, Jr. at

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