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SuperEval Partners with CESA 7 to Offer Wisconsin School Leaders New Online Evaluation Tool

January 24th, 2019

SuperEval and the Wisconsin Cooperative Education Service Agency 7 (Wisconsin CESA 7) announced a strategic partnership to offer SuperEval’s online educational leadership evaluation tool to school districts across Wisconsin. The partnership will allow superintendents, school boards, and central office administrators to conduct reflective and evidence-based evaluations digitally.

SuperEval facilitates a collaborative online evaluation process that promotes continuous improvement and learning—helping school leaders advance annual district goals, improve communication, and strengthen relationships—ultimately leading to the enhancement of education in K-12 classrooms.

“Thoughtful, reflective, and evidence-based evaluations are essential for professional growth in models of continuous improvement,” said Michael Horning, Jr., Executive Vice President of SuperEval. “As such, we are thrilled to announce this partnership with CESA 7 to bring these important practices and services to school districts across Wisconsin.”

The partnership marks the first time that school leaders in Wisconsin will be able to conduct evaluations, an important annual legal obligation for superintendents and school boards, online. SuperEval provides a rubric that helps users evaluate individual performance and reflect upon achievements and areas of improvement in order to grow.

“Many districts have difficulties identifying an evaluation method for superintendents and school boards that matches the process and rigor that is well-established for teachers and other administrators,” said Aaron Malczewski, Business Development Director for CESA 7. “SuperEval fills this gap, using the same reflective, evidence-based practice that has been working effectively to support growth throughout the profession. We are excited for our new partnership and truly believe this will be a transformational and beneficial service offering through CESA 7.”

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About CESA 7:

Wisconsin CESA 7 is an educational service agency providing a wide range of services for schools in northeast Wisconsin since 1967. The vision of CESA 7 is to create a more cost-effective, collaborative, customer-driven schools to serve the communities around them.

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