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SuperEval October 2019 Updates: Security Features, Accessibility, and New Features!

October 9th, 2019


The SuperEval team always strives to make your user experience as enjoyable as possible, so that’s why our developers have been working hard to ensure that the system is up to date with the very best security, accessibility, and newest features for all users. We’re excited to announce a few updates that you will see live on the site.

Security Updates

We’ve enabled two-factor authentication for sign in, which prevents unauthorized access to your accounts. It’s important because users sometimes re-use the same password across the internet, which makes them vulnerable. Once enabled, two factor authentication will prompt users to verify their identity by sending a code to their email or cell phone. When entering the code, users can check the “remember” checkbox on their current device so they will not be prompted with a verification code when logging in from the same device.

Two-Factor Authentication Options

We’ve also added a Captcha feature that will appear after three failed login attempts to prevent unauthorized access to a user’s account. We’re using Google reCAPTCHA, which helps to prevent an individual from guessing a user’s password to force themselves into the account.

Google reCAPTCHA for SuperEval Login

Accessibility Updates

As an organization, we’re committed to making sure that our site is accessible to everyone. But it’s not something that happens over night. Our designers and developers are working hard to become experts in accessibility, and we’ve been making some updates to SuperEval that align with WCAG compliance standards.

These changes are minor, and you may not even notice them. But we have darker colors of UI elements that help with contrast making icons, text, and other elements more legible.

Blue User Option Boxes Now Have Darker Colors

New User Features

You now have the option to enable or disable unread comment email notifications. Once enabled, each morning the system checks for new comments and sends an email indicating how many unread comments there are.

Unread Comments Email Checkbox

Now, you can utilize comments and reflections from the previous self-evaluations to help identify progress from year to year. This feature can help you reflect on strengths and areas of improvement from year to year.

Display Previous Year's Self-Evaluation

That’s all for now. We hope you find these updates and new features helpful. Please make sure you stay tuned for more updates and exciting news from SuperEval throughout the year! As always, let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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