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SuperEval April 2021 Updates: 100% Completion, BOE Self-Evaluation Prompt, and Default Year

April 28th, 2021

The SuperEval Team is excited to share some new updates to our platform. We take great pride in taking the feedback from our partners and implementing those ideas into improvements and enhancements to our platform. Together we can co-create the best platform and process to drive meaningful leadership evaluations. We hope you find the updates useful and if there is ever anything you’d like to recommend, please let us know.

Update #1: Required for 100% Completion

Once a comment is added to the feedback and comments section, the red text “Required for 100% completion” will turn grey. This will allow you to easily identify which competencies are missing comments & feedback quickly. NOTE: 100% completion is not needed to move the evaluation process forward.

Update #2: BOE Self-Evaluation Prompt

When starting an evaluation within a Board Self-Evaluation (Step 1: Board Self-Evaluation) board members will be prompted with the following notice “Please note: In order to promote meaningful and healthy dialogue, the school board evaluation process is transparent with no anonymity. Your ratings, comments, and supporting evidence will be made available to fellow board members in Step 2 of this process. Would you like to begin your board evaluation?”. This ensures that all board members are notified of the transparency within the board self-evaluation process. Each board member’s evaluation will be available to their fellow board members in Step 2.

Update #3: Default Year

The evaluation will now default to the current school year. This will ensure that evaluations are being done within the correct school year and mitigate the chances that information is entered in a previous school year (if it has not been completed).

We hope you find these updates and new features helpful. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting news throughout the year! Thanks!

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