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School Leader Evaluation Plan Now Available through SuperEval

June 13th, 2024

Effective leadership is essential for school success, requiring school leaders to embody a learning-focused approach. However, traditional compliance-driven evaluation systems often need more relevance and meaningful feedback. To address this, the School Leader Collaborative, a consortium of state principal associations, has come together to develop the School Leader Evaluation Plan. This plan is a testament to a collective commitment to supporting school districts in creating growth-minded evaluation systems. The School Leader Evaluation Plan is now available to SuperEval users. 

“We are thrilled to announce the School Leader Evaluation Plan is integrated into SuperEval,” says Dr. Michael Horning, Jr., President of SuperEval. “This plan, developed by the School Leader Collaborative, aligns perfectly with our evaluation methodology. It focuses on goal attainment, reflective practices, and leadership development, mirroring our belief in the importance of these elements in leadership evaluations. We are eager to share this valuable resource with our partnering districts nationwide.” 

Unlike traditional tools, the School Leader Evaluation Plan fosters leadership growth across a career continuum, from aspiring to mastering leadership roles. It provides a comprehensive guide for districts, highlighting the importance of proper evaluations, the role of leaders’ supervisors, and offers a roadmap and resources for creating reflective, growth-oriented evaluation plans. This plan is not just about meeting compliance mandates but about empowering leaders to drive their own growth and development. There is shared confidence that it will revolutionize how you approach leadership evaluation in your district. 

“The School Leader Evaluation Plan goes beyond compliance to support a school leader’s growth through the cycle of inquiry process,” says Dr. Jason Leahy, Executive Director of the Illinois Principal Association and member of the School Leader Collaborative. “As an added benefit, supporting school leaders in this way will also positively impact the improvement processes of the learning organizations the school leaders lead.” 

If you are interested in learning more about SuperEval and how it can benefit your district, please Contact Us.

About SuperEval

SuperEval is innovative educational leadership evaluation software. The innovative evaluation methodology includes employing reflective practices, conducting a self-assessment, and assembling a portfolio as examples of leadership driving an evidence-based process. SuperEval serves all leadership team members, from the school board and superintendent to central office and building-level administrators and support staff.

SuperEval provides a library of rubric choices from state and national organizations. This web-based software is one of the most automated, contributing to a world-class user experience as an easy-to-use product. Our award-winning support team is available via phone, instant chat, or email if a question arises.  

About The School Leader Collaborative

The School Leader Collaborative (the Collaborative) consists of a consortium of state principal associations dedicated to supporting and sustaining the professional growth of school principals and their leadership teams. Specifically, the Collaborative enhances the collective capacity of its partner associations by building a network of shared resources, innovative best practices, and research, which supports school leaders throughout their careers. Current Collaborative associations are: 

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