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Help Us Officially Welcome Sarah Brodsky to the SuperEval Team!

August 1st, 2019

Sarah BrodskyCongratulations to Sarah Brodsky for her recent promotion to Partnership Manager at SuperEval.

If you’re a SuperEval user, you may have already worked with Sarah. In her former role at PLS as an Educational Systems Support Specialist and Trainer, Sarah helped hundreds of people get started and navigate through many of our tools and systems including SuperEval. In her new role, Sarah will be focused on developing strategic partnerships with SuperEval users and other educational agencies.

Sarah holds a bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology and an M.Ed in educational studies with a focus in high school social studies. Currently, Sarah is an Ed.D. student at PLS partner Wilkes University with a concentration in educational leadership. Her expected date of graduation is May 2023.

Sarah has a passion for cooking and she is fascinated by the way that cooking brings people together encourages individuals to push the bounds of their comfort zone.

If you have any questions regarding SuperEval, Sarah can help. You may reach her at or 716.855.2250 ext. 112.

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