Universal K-12 Leadership Evaluation Rubrics

Independent Schools & International Schools

SuperEval is home to two universal evaluation rubrics, which can be used for virtually any K-12 leadership position in the US and abroad.

The Framework for Reflection & Growth helps K-12 school leaders create, develop, and sustain a positive organizational culture with an emphasis on reflective leadership and goal attainment.

The Framework for Reflection and Growth represents a two-year-long collaboration with our team of professionals to create an instrument that can be used in an evaluation process by virtually any school leader. The Framework is organized by 17 core competencies of effective leadership in four domains of Mindset, Personal Qualities/Values, Professional Qualities, and Skills/Knowledge.

This rubric helps a leadership team evaluate individual performance and reflect upon achievements and areas of improvement in order to advance.

Rubric Author: PLS 3rd Learning

Education leaders in an evaluator/evaluatee relationship co-create annual goals derived from longer-term district goals or priorities. These annual goals align to a performance-based evaluation process and are often goals around school improvement. These goals can be created using a variety of goal frameworks. Regardless of which framework is employed to create goals, perhaps the most important aspect to a goal is to define and agree on the indicators of success. This is often accomplished through identifying the deliverable(s) for each goal. The goal-based approach can be used in any leadership evaluation process.

Rubric Author: Co-created between the evaluator and evaluatee