Rubrics for Other K-12 Leadership Roles

SuperEval can be used to complete evaluations of other K-12 leaders including, but not limited to, athletic directors, business officials, chief technology officers, and more.

Athletic Director

This evaluation instrument is organized in eight criteria or domains:
1. Commitment to Vision
2. Leadership
3. Decision Making/Problem Solving
4. Personnel
5. Teamwork
6. Planning
7. Professional/Technical Knowledge
8. Student, Athlete, and School Safety

Each of the eight criterion is described by a 4-level rubric with performance descriptors for unsatisfactory, basic, proficient, and distinguished.

Dean Athletic Director
Author: Evergreen Public Schools

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Business Official Evaluation Rubric

This evaluation rubric is used for evaluating the school business official in eight overarching categories including leadership, fiscal management, operations, transportation, school nutrition, technology, HR, and other.

This rubric can also be used for positions such as, School Business Official, Chief Financial Officer, School Business Administrator, Business Manager, Director of Business Services, Financial Manager, and the Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services.

Note: As with all the rubrics in the SuperEval library, not all the rubrics’ defined categories or professional practices need to be included in an evaluation. With the wide ranging duties of school business officials in various districts, an evaluation process would include only those duties defined in their role.

School Business Official Chief Financial Officer School Business Administrator Business Manager Director of Business Services Financial Manager Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services
Author: Association of School Business Officials (ASBO New York/NYSASBO)

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Chief Technology Officer

There are many challenges for district administrators in evaluating technology leaders. What should their CTO jobs entail exactly? How should they be measured?

Although there is not one answer to these questions, this evaluation rubric developed by CoSN members can get you started. Based on the CoSN Framework of Essential Skills of the K–12 CTO, this evaluation rubric captures the skills and knowledge needed by an educational technology leader.

Chief Technology Officer Director of Technology
Author: The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN)

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