Our Rubrics

Utilize our library of research-based rubrics or choose your own.

SuperEval can be used by any school or district and hosts a menu of standardized rubrics for your leadership evaluations. You and your board can choose the rubric that you like best. If your state doesn’t have a suggested or required rubric, you can use any of the rubrics found within SuperEval, including our universal rubrics, or SuperEval can be customized to integrate with a rubric of your choosing.

Available Rubrics for K-12 Leadership Positions

Universal Evaluation Rubrics

SuperEval is home to two universal evaluation rubrics, including our own Framework for Reflection and Growth, that can be used for any K-12 leadership position in the US and abroad.

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School Board Evaluation Rubrics

SuperEval supports New York state’s NYSSBA school board self-evaluation rubric.

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Superintendent Evaluation Rubrics

SuperEval hosts a variety of evidence-based rubrics that are specific to the superintendent role.

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Principal & Assistant Principal Evaluation Rubrics

SuperEval can be used by superintendents to complete their annual principal and assistant principal evaluations.

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Central Office Administrator Evaluation Rubrics

SuperEval offers different evaluations for various central office roles.

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Rubrics for Other K-12 Leadership Roles

SuperEval can be used to complete evaluations of other K-12 leaders including but not limited to athletic directors, business officials, chief technology officers and more.

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