Organization and Instrument Name NYSCOSS The COUNCIL’s Superintendent Model Evaluation NYSSBA Superintendent Evaluation
Domains 5+ Annual Goals
  1. Relationship with the Board
  2. Community Relations
  3. Staff Relationships
  4. Business and Finance
  5. Instructional Leadership
  6. Annual Goals
5+ Annual Goals
  1. Vision, Culture, & Instructional Leadership
  2. Operations, Resources, & Personnel Mngmt.
  3. Board Governance & Policy
  4. Communication & Community Relations
  5. Ethical Leadership
  6. Annual Goals
Professional Practices 24+ Annual Goals 29+ AnnualGoals
Unique Descriptors for each Professional Practice
Provides Examples of Evidence
Available Through SuperEval
Modified version for BOCES District Superintendents
View Rubric Online SuperEval.com/pdf/NYSCOSS-rubric SuperEval.com/pdf/NYSSBA-rubric
View BOCES DS Instrument Online SuperEval.com/pdf/NYSCOSS-DS SuperEval.com/pdf/NYSSBA-DS