The Framework for Reflection and Growth

A Universal Evaluation Rubric for All States and International Schools

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The Framework for Reflection & Growth helps K-12 school leaders create, develop, and sustain a positive organizational culture with an emphasis on reflective leadership and goal attainment.

The Framework for Reflection and Growth represents a two-year-long collaboration with our team of professionals to create an instrument that can be used in an evaluation process by virtually any school leader.

The Framework is organized by 17 core competencies of effective leadership in four domains of Mindset, Personal Qualities/Values, Professional Qualities, and Skills/Knowledge.

This rubric helps a leadership team evaluate individual performance and reflect upon achievements and areas of improvement in order to advance.

The Framework for Reflection & Growth is Innovative

  • The Framework truly embraces the Reflective Practice Theory while other frameworks do not lend themselves to this theoretical framework.
  • The Framework eliminates the HEDI scales of Highly Effective, Effective, Developing, and Ineffective. This overused model rejects a reflective approach and takes time to identify unwanted behaviors (ineffective) while also using a word like “developing” which carries a negative connotation, especially in evaluation conversations.
  • The Framework includes powerful “I AM Statements” allowing for reflective approaches while assuming the best intentions of others.
  • The Framework uses “Mindset” as a domain which shows that we as educators and leaders are embracing the importance of mindset in our own reflections and within our own evaluations.

Superintendents and school heads are using The Framework for themselves and with their administrators to transcend evaluation to leadership reflection and growth.

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