Our Vision for SuperEval

The Product: At Our Very Best 

SuperEval’s vision is to become synonymous with K-12 leadership evaluations by delivering the best customer service, effectively implementing client-driven customization, and fostering strong and authentic partnerships with education leaders. We strive to play an essential role in K-12 educational growth, improve education quality through accountability, and inspire positive, lasting change within school districts.  

SuperEval is centered on a well-defined, evidence-based evaluation process that encourages collaboration and self-reflection while focusing on goal attainment and leadership development. It aims to empower individuals to be intentional in advancing district goals by aligning personal goals with district objectives. In the future, data analytics will provide leaders with valuable insights across the organization, highlighting growth opportunities. 

SuperEval strives to be viewed as an invaluable and culturally significant tool for the districts it serves, functioning as an accountability tool, a learning tool, and a progressive force in education.