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August 18th, 2023

Episode 2: A Conversation with Dr. Jason Andrews

Superintendent of the Windsor CSD

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About Dr. Jason Andrews

Jason A. Andrews, Ed.D. was appointed Superintendent of Windsor Central School District in  2005. As superintendent, he has focused on the systemic implementation of Professional Learning Communities to ensure student learning and a culture of continuous improvement. This has led to an impressive rise in student achievement in Windsor, resulting in numerous distinctions and accolades, including being named the 2019 New York State Superintendent of the Year. Dr. Andrews is also the Co-Director of SUNY Oswego’s Superintendent’s Development Program, and an Executive Coach for LEAF, Inc. 

Dr. Andrews currently serves as the President-Elect of the NYS Council of School Superintendents, and on the Governing Board of the American Association of School Administrators (AASA), the Board of LEAF, Inc., the NYS Education Commissioner’s Advisory Council, the National Center for Educational Research and Technology National Board and is a charter member of the Institute for Innovation. He serves on the Board of Trustees for SUNY Broome Community College and is the Past Chair of the Binghamton University Forum. Dr. Andrews also facilitates Board of Education Strategic Planning Sessions and retreats for the NYS School Boards Association and Erie 2 BOCES. In addition, he served on the Board of Directors for the NYS Council on Leadership and Student Activities, the National Association of Student Councils and the School Administrators Association of NYS. 

Dr. Andrews is the Managing Member of Leadership Solutions Advisers, LLC and an Associate for Solution Tree and conducts workshops and presentations on a variety of topics. He also serves as an Expert Witness in federal and state courts and advises law firms and insurance carriers regarding school district responsibilities in the prevention of bullying and harassment, supervision, and liability issues.


In this podcast episode, Steve Barkley interviews Dr. Jason Andrews, the superintendent of Windsor Central School District in New York State. He shares the importance of collaboration, high expectations, and support within the district.

The conversation covers several key topics:

1. Dr. Andrews describes the transformation of Windsor Central School District, including improvements in graduation rates, performance on state assessments, and a focus on providing diverse opportunities for students. They emphasize the importance of creating a “future-ready” environment that empowers students to explore various pathways.

2. Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) significantly affect the district’s success. Dr. Andrews emphasizes the importance of collaboration, focusing on student learning outcomes, and providing high levels of support to teachers and students. The district’s commitment to the PLC process has led to positive results.

3. The role of school boards and community relationships is highlighted. Dr. Andrews discusses the critical role of the school board in setting the tone and culture of the district. He shares insights on guiding board conversations, providing governance-level information, and working collaboratively with the board to drive positive outcomes for students.

4. Dr. Andrews addresses challenges facing schools, such as societal polarization and misinformation, and the need for schools to address these issues. Additionally, he discusses the importance of clarity in measuring student learning and the need to define what success means for students in the education system.

5. The podcast concludes with Dr. Andrews sharing his perspective on school leadership. He encourages new leaders to persevere, emphasizing that while leadership can be challenging, the impact on students and the community is incredibly rewarding.

This interview reveals Dr. Andrews’ dedication to creating a supportive, forward-thinking educational environment that empowers students, teachers, and the community.

Episode Highlights


Creating a Mission-Driven District With a Focus on Student Success

Podcast Highlight – 2:08 mins


Approaches to Working With Districts

Podcast Highlight – 2:07 mins

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