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    Our Why

    We believe that a successful organization is comprised of individuals who have an opportunity to be the best version of themselves and lead in their area of responsibility. Strong leadership development and the goal-attainment process are foundational to individual and organizational success.

    Our What

    Our beliefs are operationalized through SuperEval, our online evaluation platform for K-12 leaders. 

    Priorities and goals that are focused on are likely to be accomplished. With SuperEval, leaders can facilitate focused leadership in all areas of responsibility across an organization.

    Our How

    SuperEval supports a reflective and evidence-based leadership evaluation process that is led by the evaluatee instead of the evaluator. This methodology seeks to transcend evaluations from an event in time to a meaningful process of goal attainment while creating a culture of reflective leadership. 

    Our Partners

    We recognize the value of strong organizational partnerships with like-minded leaders and organizations who also support the work of superintendents, school boards, and others in district and school leadership positions.

    This video captures the thoughts and perspectives of partnering school leaders:


    This video is an example of how we accomplish our work in superintendent evaluations:


    If you have an interest in exploring how we might work together to support the constituency of school leaders you serve, please contact us!

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