Setup Process

You Choose the Rubrics. You Select the Competencies. SuperEval Facilitates the Rest.

SuperEval is a customizable platform supporting school leadership team evaluations.
Our setup process is broken into six steps defined below.


Determine Users

Select who will be evaluated using SuperEval within your school or district.

Evaluation types:
  • Superintendents
  • School Board
  • Central Office Administrators
  • Principals & Assistant Principals
  • Building-Level Administrators
  • Support Staff


Designate Roles

Decide if you’d like to designate your district clerk or executive assistant as users in your account.

District Clerk:

The district clerk role has oversight of the evaluations and is able to reset user passwords, update individual account information, and impersonate users to work on their behalf.

Executive Assistant:

The executive assistant role allows for the superintendent to have an extra individual helping them to complete their evaluation.


Select Rubrics

With more than a dozen rubrics available, the choice is yours for which instrument will be used for each evaluation within our SuperEval platform.

  • Thoughtful Classroom
  • MPPR
  • Framework for Reflection and Growth
  • ASBO Rubric for Business Officials
  • CoSN Rubric for CTOs
  • And many more!


Select Competencies

Customize each rubric by selecting the competencies on which that individual will be evaluated.

Competency Options Competency Selections
  • Competency 1
  • Competency 2
  • Competency 3
  • Competency 4
  • Competency 5
  • Competency 1
  • Competency 2
  • Competency 5


Define Dates

Set due dates for specific steps of the evaluation process.

  • Establish Annual Goals
  • Submit Self-Evaluation, Reflections & Evidence
  • Evaluator(s) Consolidate Evaluation
  • Year-end Review and Conversation


Start Evaluating

The evaluation process differs slightly for each evaluation type, but the core process remains the same. Define annual goals, conduct a self-assessment, reflection on your professional practices, assemble a leadership portfolio, and driving meaningful conversations through this process!

Get started with SuperEval!

Download Our Setup Process PDF