Setup Process

You Choose the Rubrics. You Customize the Rubrics. SuperEval Facilitates the Rest.

SuperEval is a customizable platform supporting K-12 school leadership team evaluations.
Our setup process is broken into six steps defined below.


Determine Users

Select who will be evaluated using SuperEval within your school or district.

Evaluation types:
  • Superintendents
  • School Board
  • Central Office Administrators
  • Principals & Assistant Principals
  • Support Staff


Designate Roles

Decide if you’d like to designate your district clerk or executive assistant as users in your account.

District Clerk:

The district clerk role has oversight of the evaluations and is able to reset user passwords, update individual account information, and impersonate users to work on their behalf.

Executive Assistant:

The executive assistant role allows for the superintendent to have an extra individual helping them to complete their evaluation.


Select Rubrics

With a growing library of available rubrics, the choice is yours for which instrument will be used for each evaluation within our SuperEval platform.

  • Thoughtful Classroom
  • MPPR
  • Framework for Reflection and Growth
  • ASBO Rubric for Business Officials
  • CoSN Rubric for CTOs
  • And many more!


Customize Rubrics

Select only the competencies you choose to use in the process.

Competency Options Competency Selections
  • Competency 1
  • Competency 2
  • Competency 3
  • Competency 4
  • Competency 5
  • Competency 1
  • Competency 2
  • Competency 5


Define Dates

Set due dates for specific steps of the evaluation process.

  • Establish Annual Goals
  • Submit Self-Evaluation, Reflections & Evidence
  • Evaluator(s) Consolidate Evaluation
  • Year-end Review and Conversation


Process Begins

The evaluation process differs slightly for each evaluation type, but the core process remains the same: Define annual goals, conduct a self-assessment, reflect on your professional practices, assemble a leadership portfolio, and driving meaningful conversations through this process!

Get started with SuperEval!

Download Our Setup Process PDF