Platform Features

Platform Features

SuperEval utilizes the latest technologies, making it super convenient, super efficient, and super easy to use. 


Auto-Save – Never lose work or worry about clicking a save button. Your work is continuously saved – automatically! 

Auto-Rebalance – When customizing an evaluation to meet specific needs, auto-rebalancing ensures an equal weight across domains or standard areas of a rubric or framework. 

Auto-Time Stamp – Data and time stamp automatically for steps in the process and, if desired, for reflective narratives. 

Auto-Invite for New Users – Gives leadership teams immediate access to their new accounts and includes a “getting-started” video. 

Auto-Populate Goals – Use your district’s custom goal templates to auto-populate an editor, improving efficiencies and saving time. 

Auto-Notification – System-generated reminders and notices can be set to your delivery preferences via email, SMS, neither, or both. 

Auto-Complier – Consolidate multiple evaluations into a single evaluation, saving time!  

Auto-Populate to Begin an Evaluation – When an evaluator agrees with most of the evaluatee’s self-reflection ratings, they can use the self-reflection as a starting point for the evaluation to save time. 

Auto-Populate Goals – When working on multi-year goals, auto-populate goals from the previous year with the click on a button. 

Organization-Level Customization  

Rubrics & Evaluation Instruments – Choose from our growing library of curated evaluation rubrics, instruments, frameworks, and leadership standards, or use your own within our system. 

Competency Selection – If you are using an evaluation instrument with too many competencies, competency selection allows for a targeted approach to focus on elements of emphasis. 

District Goals – Use your district goals to guide goal development, ensuring organization-wide annual leadership goals are derived from and aligned with your priorities. 

Goal Templates – Use the goal template of your choice to have organizational consistency for writing annual goals. 

Goal Alignment – Align annual leadership goals with the descriptors of professional practices of the evaluation instrument or rubric. 

ePortfolio – Drag & drop files and documents to support an evidence-based evaluation process with unlimited storage capacity.  

Due Dates for Steps – Customize the due dates for each step in the evaluation process to fit your evaluation cycle. Once established, due dates become the default dates for future evaluation cycles. 

Dynamic PDF Reports Produce dynamic PDF reports from the system to download and share with others. 

Your Unique Organizational Needs – Additional customization requests will be considered upon request. 

User Supports

Award-Winning Help Desk – Our help desk is a two-time Stevie award winner and is ready to answer your questions via phone, instant chat, or email. 

Executive Assistant & District Clerk Role – Empowers the executive assistant and/or the board clerk to assist superintendents or board members with the evaluation process. 

Dynamic In-Page Instructions – Identifies if you’ve not been on a page and offers a page tour to help you confidently navigate the system. 

User Manuals & Embedded Videos – Step-by-step instructions that are perfect for those who prefer guide-on-the-side documentation. 

Onboarding & Training – Onboarding services get your team started in the platform quickly, while additional training sessions are available upon request to ensure your success. 

Progress Monitoring – Progress bars allow users to quickly identify progress on the required elements within an evaluation. 

Archive Historical Data – Preserve and access past evaluations and supporting evidence from year to year. 

Data Privacy & Security – Our platform is designed with the latest in data security standards including data encryption and two-step authentication. 

Improving Efficiencies 

Drag & Drop Evidence of Practice – Easily move files & documents into your evaluation. 

Manage Attachments with No Limit on Storage – Upload unlimited standard documents, images, videos, and audio files. 

Mobile Responsiveness – Access SuperEval easily from your tablet or phone. 

Evaluations for Your OrganizationClick here to learn more about our evaluations. 

Data Views – Compare your self-evaluation with an evaluator to quickly identify areas of consensus and those areas with different perspectives. 

Super Analytics

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