SuperEval brings paper-based evaluations to life.

Platform Features

SuperEval streamlines your evaluation process and also has some pretty amazing features.

Archive Historical Data

Preserve and access past evaluations and artifacts from year to year.

Manage Attachments with No Limit on Storage

Upload unlimited standard documents, images, videos, and audio files.

Follow In-Page Instruction

Access individual page tours to help you better navigate through the system.

Executive Assistant / District Clerk Role

Allows the executive assistant and/or district clerk to help the superintendent or board members upload comments and illustrations of practice into SuperEval as well as help make edits to the “Proposed Final Evaluation.

Access Training & Education

Our help desk is staffed with educators and developers to answer any questions you may have.

Drag & Drop Evidence of Practice

Easily move documents into your evaluation.

Cut Work Time in Half with Pre-Populated Fields

Administrator evaluations are a breeze since you no longer have to start each one from scratch.

Eliminate your Carbon Footprint

SuperEval is a paperless system — helping to keep your desk clean and our planet green.

Auto Generate Forms and Sign Off

Sign your evaluations with digital signatures. Legal forms are generated to help you comply with your states’ requirements.

Access Custom Evaluation Rubrics for Every State

SuperEval employs well-established and known frameworks, many of which are approved for use by the various State Departments of Education and/or professional associations to meet requirements for all users.

New York State Specific Features

SuperEval is highly customized to support several New York State regulations in APPR. This includes weightings for primary/independent evaluators, customize cut score ranges, and the inclusion of the student scoring matrix in determining a principal’s overall evaluation score. SuperEval is BOCES aidable under a number of BOCES CoSers across New York State. SuperEval is also FOIL Compliant. Export official legal documents in response to a FOIL request in seconds.

Pennsylvania Specific Features

SuperEval is customized to support several standards exclusive to Pennsylvania school districts. For Principal Evaluations, SuperEval provides an export of data into the 82-2 spreadsheet.

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