Our Platform

What is SuperEval?

SuperEval is a web-based platform used to conduct online evaluations for K-12 education leaders. The platform is customizable, allowing you to:

Choose the team members, including their roles, who will participate in the evaluation process. 

Determine the rubric or rubrics for each evaluation.
Click here to learn more about rubics.

Select the competencies or professional practices to be included as part of the evaluation.

Co-create annual performance goals.

Setup Process

Getting started with SuperEval is easy. Click here to learn more about our setup process.

Evaluation Process

Once account setup is complete, the evaluation process can begin. The SuperEval evaluation methodology is grounded in research. Learn more about the SuperEval evaluation process and methodology here.

Platform Features

Designed for education leaders, SuperEval has an easy-to-use, robust feature set. Enhancements are continually added to the platform based on feedback from thousands of education leaders using the system nationwide. Learn more about our features here.

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