Support Staff Evaluations

Online Support Staff Evaluations

We know that your support team is essential to running a successful school district. That’s why SuperEval has included support staff evaluations for your district. With SuperEval, you can be sure that everyone from the school board all the way to your support team, and everyone in between, is working toward common improvement areas.

Positions include but are not limited to:

  • School Social Workers
  • Parent involvement Specialists
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Other Support Staff

The Evaluation Process for Support Staff:

Step 1: Annual Goals
The district professional and the evaluator co-create goals to align evaluation with performance targets.

Step 2: The Evaluation
The district professional and the evaluator(s) conduct separate, independent evaluations. Throughout the school year, the district professional reflects and builds a portfolio of supporting evidence while the evaluator(s) provide real-time feedback and observations. At the conclusion of the school year, the evaluator(s) can review the district professional’s self-evaluation and supporting documents.

Step 3: Consolidate Data
If there are multiple evaluators, SuperEval automatically consolidates all of the evaluators’ data into a single evaluation, saving time by eliminating the need to manually collect and organize the data.

Step 4: Final Review
SuperEval compares the district professional’s self-assessment with the evaluator’s assessment, thus providing an excellent catalyst for discussion.

At the conclusion of these four steps, the district professional and the evaluator apply digital signatures to finalize the evaluation. Once the document is signed, SuperEval generates a detailed evaluation to include in a personnel file.

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