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Transform Your Leadership Team with SuperEval Online Leadership Evaluations for School Districts

Superintendent, school board, principal, and administrator evaluations (including central office, building level and support positions) are an important annual practice, vital to maintaining a healthy and efficient leadership team. Administrators who employ reflective practices gain new insights and uncover new knowledge that lead to innovative ideas. Purposeful leadership evaluations result in professional learning and development.

Our Evaluations:

Why SuperEval?

Advance Annual Goals & Promote Better Communication
SuperEval helps improve communication amongst leadership teams by offering a collaborative evaluation process, in which the evaluator and administrator co-create annual goals, specific to their district’s growth and improvement, to align the evaluation with performance targets.

Eliminate Paper-Based Evaluations
SuperEval streamlines the process for superintendents, school boards, and school administrators, providing an objective, reflective, and evidence-based evaluation that can be conducted online. Saving users time, SuperEval automatically consolidates all evaluator responses into a single view that includes rubric averages, comments, and supporting evidence.

Incorporate Evidence-Based Metrics
SuperEval offers a transparent measure of performance by identifying relevant competencies and objective performance targets that can be supported by documents uploaded through drag-and-drop functionality.

Improve Leadership Best Practices
Driven by the evaluator’s self-evaluation, SuperEval allows educational leaders to consistently reflect on his/her own professional practices throughout the year to transcend a process from evaluation into a model of continuous improvement and learning.

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