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Six Benefits Of Having an Open Communication System with Teachers and School Staff

Open communication happens in a school when all members, regardless of position, are empowered to share their thoughts without any fear of repercussions. Open communication then becomes a cultural trait that teams cultivate with practice.

This communication system has a number of perks. Here are six ways your school district may be able to benefit from open communication.

Open Communication Helps Team Members Feel Appreciated

One of the biggest and best benefits of maintaining an open system of communication with teachers and school staff is that everyone feels appreciated. People need to feel heard to feel appreciated. Having an open system of communication helps facilitate this.

If you ignore what staff has to say or communicate poorly, it will impact their attitude. For example, if a teacher has expressed concerns about COVID-19 protocols in the classroom, and you dismiss those concerns, they may take a lackadaisical approach to the protocols altogether. At the same time, if you listen to their concerns, communicate, and follow-up on the concerns in an appropriate manner, they will feel seen and valued.

Open Communication Builds More Trust

More communication will lead to better trust between school staff and teachers too. When there is a good system of communication within your school, people are less resistant to change and more trusting of the organization they work for. Having your staff’s trust will make new protocols and regulations easier to adapt to for your school. The key to maintaining your staff’s trust is to always tell the truth.

Open Communication Can Improve Conflict Resolution

Conflicts will be resolved faster with fewer problems when everyone communicates well. While conflict is inevitable, it is important to have a system for communicating that facilitates good problem-solving. Instead of focusing on everyone’s feelings on the matter, good systems of communication will help focus the discussion on the problem itself.

Open Communication Welcomes Innovation

When there is open communication it welcomes innovation and new ideas. There may be a better or easier way to approach a problem that you haven’t thought of before. When you welcome open communication, staff will feel more confident in coming forward with their ideas and suggestions because they will feel valued and seen.

Open Communication Offers Feedback For Improvement

Having a system of open communication will also open the door for feedback. Again, your teachers and support staff will feel more confident about coming forward. So, if there is something wrong or there is room for improvement, they will be more likely to speak up. This is beneficial because it can give you ideas about how to improve the programs in your school.

Open Communication Keeps Everyone Informed

At the end of the day, an open communication system in your school will help keep everyone informed about what’s going on. That way, everyone is on the same page when a change is announced or a new protocol is being adopted. Use formal means of communication to get key points across. These methods include email, meetings, conference calls, memos, etc. Make sure that everyone is updated on any changes.

Use SuperEval to Improve Communication in Your School District

At SuperEval, we help school leaders like you improve communication in your school by offering a collaborative evaluation process, in which the evaluator and administrator co-create annual goals, specific to their district’s growth and improvement, to align the evaluation with performance targets. Find out more about how SuperEval promotes healthy and effective communication amongst all staff.

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