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North Dakota School Board Association Evaluation Framework Now Available in SuperEval

July 18th, 2022

The SuperEval Team is pleased to announce that a new school board self-evaluation instrument from the North Dakota School Board Association (NDSBA) is now available in SuperEval. This framework of successful board practices is based on six dimensions of board competency (contextual, educational, interpersonal, analytical, and political). These board competencies were uncovered during the Trustee Demonstration Project, a five-year study involving trustee boards from more than 20 colleges, schools, and non-profit organizations in the United States.

“This school board self-evaluation instrument provides an excellent opportunity for boards to reflect on the professional practices of highly effective school boards,” says Dr. Michael Horning, Jr., Executive Vice President of SuperEval. “This allows school boards to uncover their strengths, which should be celebrated, as well as discover possible areas for improvement practices. We are thrilled to add this instrument to our library of rubrics, thus making it more widely available as a choice to school boards throughout the US and beyond.”

“Research has shown time and time again that well-functioning boards have a positive impact on the outcomes of the students they serve,” says Alexis Baxley, Executive Director of the NDSBA. “Self-evaluation is an integral first step towards the growth and accountability that lead to good governance.”

Using this instrument, school boards engage in a self-evaluation model of continuous improvement as a governance body.

For more information about the use of the NDSBA Framework or the school board self-evaluation process in SuperEval, please contact Dr. Michael Horning, Jr. by phone at 1-844-312-3825 or email

About SuperEval

SuperEval is innovative educational leadership evaluation software. The innovative evaluation methodology includes employing reflective practices, conducting a self-assessment, and assembling a portfolio as examples of leadership driving an evidenced-based process. SuperEval serves all leadership team members from the school board and superintendent, to central office and building-level administrators and support staff.

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North Dakota School Board AssociationAbout NDSBA

The North Dakota School Boards Association is a leading advocate for public education, serving 175 public school districts across the state of North Dakota. NDSBA provides support to local school board members through professional development, resources, and legislative advocacy.

Incorporated in 1967, the North Dakota School Boards Association, NDSBA is governed by a seven-member board of directors and served by a staff with many years of experience in school-related work.

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