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Michael Horning Jr. To Lead Roundtable Discussion at the 2019 NYSCOSS Winter Institute

February 26th, 2019

This year’s NYSCOSS Winter Institute runs from March 3-5, 2019 at the Albany Capital Center in Albany, NY — and several members of the SuperEval team will be there.

We hope you’ll join Michael Horning Jr., Executive Vice President of SuperEval, at THE COUNCIL Sunrise Café roundtable discussion scheduled Monday, March 4th in the Marketplace of Ideas exhibit hall from 8:00 – 8:45 a.m.

Sunrise Café Discussion Topic:

A Framework for Reflection and Growth:
An Innovative Model for Leadership Evaluations

The Framework for Reflection and Growth was developed in response to the profound need for high-quality leadership and district administrator evaluation rubrics. This discussion reviews the new evaluation rubric which is organized by 17 core competencies of effective leadership in four domains of:

  1. Mindset,
  2. Personal Qualities/Values,
  3. Professional Qualities, and
  4. Skills/Knowledge.

Each domain has an operational definition while each competency has powerful “I am” statements replacing the traditional HEDI scale. This allows an administrator to engage in a reflective and evidence-based evaluation process by assessing one’s own performance as:

  • Beginning/Attempting,
  • Making a Strong Effort,
  • Meeting the Expectation, and
  • Exceeding the Expectation.

Find out more about the Sunrise Café Roundtable Discussions.

Will you be at NYSCOSS?

We’d love to connect with you. Contact us so that we can meet up!

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