FAQs for SuperEval in New York State

FAQs for New York State Schools:

Does a school board have to evaluate their Superintendent in NYS?
Yes. The annual evaluation of the superintendent is mandated by law: 8 NYCRR 100.2(o)(1)(vi): “The governing body of each school district shall annually review the performance of the superintendent of schools according to procedures developed by such body in consultation with the superintendent. Such procedures shall be filed in the district office and available for review by any individual no later than September 10th of each year.”
Is SuperEval BOCES aidable?
Yes! SuperEval is BOCES aidable under a number of BOCES CoSers across New York state. Please contact us to see if your BOCES holds a local CoSer.
Can this be used for BOCES District Superintendents?
Yes. The NYSCOSS Superintendent Model Evaluation Rubric was modified to include BOCES District Superintendents. Or  you may use the NYSSBA BOCES Superintendent Evaluation Tool.
Where did the NYSCOSS superintendent evaluation rubric originate?
The New York State Council of School Superintendents (NYSCOSS) developed the evaluation rubric over a two-year period with the first release in November in 2014. Since then, the document underwent several minor revisions with the most recent version released in May 2017.
Where did the NYSSSBA superintendent evaluation rubrics originate?
NYSSBA recognizes the value of an annual school board evaluation to assess the board’s effectiveness in relation to optimal board governance practices. Additionally, NYSSBA recognizes that boards of education have a legal obligation to annually evaluate their superintendents to help drive school improvement and student achievement. With that in mind, NYSSBA has developed two evaluation tools for school boards’ use: a board self-evaluation tool and a superintendent evaluation tool. SuperEval brings both evaluations online for the first time.
Can we modify the superintendent evaluation instrument in NYS?
Unfortunately, no. However you can choose which instrument and rubric your district would prefer to use within SuperEval. Customization for each district occurs in the domain for the district and superintendent annual goals, which will vary across New York State.
What evaluation rubric is used for Central Office Administrators?
SuperEval uses the Multidimensional Leadership Performance Rubric developed by our partners, Learner-Centered Initiatives (LCI).
Can I use SuperEval for my business official?
Yes. Some superintendents have used the Multidimensional Leadership Performance Rubric with their business officials allowing them to view their work as part of the district leadership team through the lens of educational leadership.