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Chief Technology Officer Evaluation Rubric Now Available in SuperEval

June 8th, 2020

CoSN logoTogether with CoSN (the Consortium for School Networking) we are pleased to announce the addition of their Chief Technology Officer Evaluation Rubric to SuperEval.

This is the first rubric available in SuperEval that helps district administrators in evaluating technology leaders. It helps answer questions such as: What should CTO jobs entail exactly? How should they be measured? Although there is not one answer to these questions, this evaluation rubric developed by CoSN members can get you on the right track. Based on the CoSN Framework of Essential Skills of the K–12 CTO, this evaluation rubric captures the skills and knowledge needed by an educational technology leader.

“For nearly three decades, CoSN has been the voice of education technology leaders. Our Framework of Essential Skills of the K-12 CTO is the gold standard for defining the field, and it forms the basis for the CoSN CTO Evaluation Rubric,” said Keith Krueger, CEO, CoSN.

We recently asked two New York State school superintendents who were the first using the CoSN rubric in SuperEval to tell us about their experience.

Mr. John Birmingham, Superintendent of Moravia CSD said, “Having the specificity of [the CoSN] rubric allows the conversation to be laser focused on the measurable attributes of what makes an effective technology director.”

Dr. Brian Graham, Superintendent of Grand Island CSD said, “I am absolutely thrilled to learn that SuperEval has partnered with the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) to include their evaluation rubric for the Chief Technology Information Officer in our district. Ever since I began using SuperEval for my evaluation with the Board of Education, I quickly saw the potential benefits of using the same system with my cabinet level administrative team. The SuperEval team has made it easy to select the appropriate rating categories that specifically apply to your Chief Information Officer’s role and responsibilities. The user can easily set goals and engage in a self-evaluation that is focused on leadership, strategic planning, ethics, instruction, the educational environment, team building, stakeholder collaboration, information technology management, communication systems management, business management and data management. The flexibility, ease and practical use of this tool within SuperEval is essential to the future success of your District and your Chief Information Officer.”

“We recognize CoSN’s important contribution to educational leadership by providing a thoughtful and practical basis for evaluating chief technology officers,” said SuperEval’s Executive Vice President, Dr. Michael Horning, Jr. “We are also thrilled and honored to bring this important work to our partnering superintendents who rely on SuperEval to drive important and focused conversations in leadership through a reflective and evidence-based evaluation process.”

For additional information on how you can use CoSN’s Chief Technology Officer Evaluation Rubric to evaluate your chief technology officer, please contact us.

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