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Case Study: Randolph Academy

Executive Summary

Lori DeCarloLori DeCarlo, superintendent at Randolph Academy, and her school board always invested quite a bit of time and effort in her superintendent evaluation process. DeCarlo’s former evaluation process focused on up to 10 goals at one time. With SuperEval, DeCarlo has narrowed her focus to three or four goals. DeCarlo reports, “SuperEval has streamlined the focus of our communication around the evaluation process and, in particular, the priorities or goals for the next year.”


DeCarlo’s former evaluation process required all the board members to meet at one time to discuss her individual progress. At this meeting, DeCarlo felt the need to defend her performance to the school board on the spot. This process was stressful to all parties involved.

How SuperEval Helped

SuperEval allowed DeCarlo to embrace the opportunity to rate herself and provide evidence in support of that rating. The online evaluation tool compiles all of the evidence and then allows the board members to review the material asynchronously.

DeCarlo also points to the ease of use and storage of evidence as a major benefit. She finds that the tool helps her keep track of all of the evidence, rather than having to rely on memory.

Additionally, SuperEval provides a quick turnaround time to produce a final report. After she submitted her self- evaluation, she was able to see all the comments from the board members (with the names removed) in just 24 hours. Overall, DeCarlo’s first SuperEval report was more in-depth and detailed than any other she had ever received. She points out that the collective weight of all the comments that the board members entered was informative and helpful. She was also able to pinpoint the areas where they were praising her strong performance or giving her constructive feedback.

Results and Future Plans

When DeCarlo and her board initiated SuperEval, she admits that a few less tech-savvy board members were reluctant to give the new tool a try. However, after the process concluded, the board had a strong consensus that SuperEval was helpful and easy to use. The board has agreed to use it moving forward.

In our interview, DeCarlo also mentioned that the tool automatically computes an average of all the board members’ scores. Therefore, it puts in perspective the more critical or flattering voice by taking those extremes out of the picture because it averages the rating.

SuperEval also provides a unique benefit regarding the critical feedback of board members. DeCarlo recognizes critical feedback is an important part of growth. She reports, in the past, critical feedback was offered a more prominent place in the written report; whereas, with SuperEval it’s capped in scale to the whole, and represents the evaluation of the entire board in a more accurate manner.


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