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How do we provide feedback?

September 19th, 2022

The board prepares the evaluation for the superintendent’s review and has the option to provide feedback in the following format:

  • Leave individual comments as is with the names attached.
  • Under the edit button, redact names. This not only removes the names from individual comments but also randomizes the comments for each area of professional practice being rated.
    • The board president/Trusted Agent is the only one with the “Edit” button in the consolidated evaluation and the ability to redact names.
    • The board president/Trusted Agent is also able to move the evaluation back to Step 3 (any changes made in Step 4 will be lost). A PDF of Step 4 can be created before moving the evaluation back.
  • Gain board consensus on what everyone is saying and write a single comment under each professional practice with one board voice. This is a decision on how the board wants to provide the superintendent feedback and, in many cases, how the superintendent prefers to receive this professional feedback.

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