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Our Story

In March 2015, the New York State Council of School Superintendents (NYSCOSS) hosted its annual Mid-Winter Institute and unveiled a new superintendent evaluation rubric, The Council’s Superintendent Model Evaluation

Since then, many organizations have published high-quality evaluation instruments, but superintendents and school boards faced challenges utilizing a PDF document effectively and efficiently in the evaluation process. PLS 3rd Learning identified this problem of practice and started the development of SuperEval.  

At first, SuperEval was conceived exclusively as a superintendent evaluation platform. However, the early feedback from superintendents was so overwhelmingly positive that they welcomed having a similar evaluation process for their own leadership teams, administrators, and staff that included a methodology of goal attainment, reflective practice, self-assessment, and exhibiting evidence, all leading to meaningful conversations. The evaluation methodology transcends an event of compliance to a process of greater meaning and value. Thereafter, SuperEval expanded to include the entire leadership team.   

With the expansion of leadership roles, SuperEval acquired permission to use valid, reliable, and well-established evaluation instruments and rubrics within the field. Thus, the methodology and process are agnostic to the leadership standards or professional practices as the basis for the evaluation. 

Finally, a school board self-evaluation was added, allowing school board members to reflect on the professional practices of highly effective boards. 

PLS 3rd Learning

PLS 3rd Learning has four decades of experience building, supporting, and partnering with innovative educational organizations. PLS 3rd Learning offers education services, including custom software development, offer professional development solutions and instructional design services for K-12 and Higher Education organizations.

Our Vision for SuperEval

In September of 2023, The SuperEval Team co-created Our Vision for SuperEval -The Product in addition to Our Vision for SuperEval – The Team. 

The Product: At Our Very Best 

The Team: At Our Very Best