SuperEval is the Tool for Better Evaluations

Advance District Goals, Promote Healthy & Efficient Leadership Teams

Superintendent evaluations by the school district’s board of education are an important annual requirement, vital to maintaining a healthy and efficient leadership team.


No More Paper-Based Evaluations

SuperEval is a one-of-a-kind online evaluation system that streamlines the process for superintendents and school boards. Driven by the superintendent’s own self-evaluation, SuperEval provides an objective, reflective, and evidence-based evaluation for the school district leader.

At the core of SuperEval is an evaluation rubric developed by The New York State Council of School Superintendents (THE COUNCIL).

Establishing an Evidence-Based Evaluation for Superintendents and School Boards

The release of THE COUNCIL’s Model Superintendent Evaluation Instrument in 2014 gave superintendents and their respective school boards access to a thoughtful instrument that promotes a transparent measure of performance by identifying relevant competencies and objective performance targets.

Despite having a new evidence-based evaluation instrument focused on reflective professional practices, the subsequent paper-based process proved to be both labor and time intensive for superintendents and boards of education.


Empowering Superintendents and School Board Members

In the Spring of 2015, PLS 3rd Learning, a longtime signature partner of THE COUNCIL, developed SuperEval: an online platform for supporting THE COUNCIL’s Model Superintendent Evaluation Instrument.

SuperEval is a web-based approach to superintendent evaluations that saves valuable time for superintendents and school boards.

SuperEval Highlights

Focus on district goals and priorities.

Customize district goals as determined by the superintendent and the board.

Create reflective and evidence-based evaluations.

Reflect on each competency and “drag and drop” supporting documents to create a digital portfolio as evidence of achievement.

Consolidate evaluation data.

Save time as SuperEval consolidates all board member responses into a single board response that includes rubric averages, comments, and supporting evidence.

Display transparent measures of performance.

Compare data on superintendent and board responses to quickly identify any discrepancies, as a catalyst for conversation.

Archive the district’s evaluation.

Maintain and preserve a digital archive of completed evaluations and supporting evidence.

FOIL compliant.

Export the right documents in response to a FOIL request with just one click.

“SuperEval requires a simple click to submit my evaluation to the entire board of education. The ease of use paired with enormous time savings makes SuperEval a must have for all school board/superintendent teams.”

Dr. Lois R. Favre, Superintendent of Schools / Bridgehampton UFSD, NY

How Does SuperEval Work?

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